Wednesday, 14 April 2021



Boats in the sun
Yachts ready for the season

WITH the travel ban across Scotland set to be lifted earlier than expected on this coming Friday 16th April, the chandlery and offices will now be fully staffed at weekends once again. 

The latest welcome announcement from the Scottish Government has made it clear that people will be able to travel across Scotland as long as they do not stay overnight. 

We are also pleased to say that restrictions on travel to and from Scotland with other parts of the UK, are also now expected to be lifted from Monday 26th April. At that time overnight stays on boats are expected to be permitted for all customers from single households. 

As the chandlery cannot fully reopen until ‘non essential retail’ is permitted to resume in Scotland on 26th April, we will continue to offer our ‘click and collect’ service for all items.

 If you would like cleaning products, antifouling, anodes, engine spares or any other chandlery items putting aside for collection now or for reserving for you when you arrive, please contact the chandlery on 01852 500247 or email 

 Office and chandlery opening times for collections, along with gas and diesel services on Saturday and Sunday will be from 9am to 5pm, while week day opening times remain as 8.30am to 5pm. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to your boats and to the beautiful waters of Argyll very soon. 

 Andrew and Joanna Ashton and all the team at Ardfern

Friday, 19 March 2021



West Coast Marina
North West Marine replacing the ground Chain on 'B' Trot this week

ALL being well customers will be permitted to stay on their boats from Monday 26th April following this week’s announcement on ‘the route out of lockdown’ from the Scottish Government. 

That is when the current travel restrictions within Scotland, are expected to be lifted, and single households will be permitted to stay away from home.   

The announcement also stated that ‘restrictions on journeys between Scotland and the other parts of the UK could also be lifted, if not on 26th April, then as soon as possible thereafter.’

At the same time Scottish Canals have confirmed that both the Crinan and Caledonian Canals are expected to open sometime between 26th April and 1st May at the latest, depending on completion of on-going works.

With retail outlets in Scotland also permitted to reopen from this date, we also aim to fully open the chandlery at this time. However, for the moment we will continue to offer our ‘click and collect’ service for essential items and from 5th April any item will be available for local collection. If you would like cleaning products, antifouling, anodes, engine spares or other chandlery items putting aside for collection now or for reserving for you from 26th April onwards, please contact the chandlery on 01852 500247 from Monday to Friday or email .

The ‘stay-at-home’ requirements will be lifted in Scotland on the 2nd April, allowing local customers to come and work on their boats as well as to continue to go boating as a form of exercise. At this point, while our showers must remain shut, we will reopen the customer toilets during working hours. 

As per the latest update from RYA Scotland, it has been confirmed by the Scottish Government that customers are allowed to travel outside their local authority area to their boats for essential maintenance purposes, in line with guidance for owners of second homes in Scotland. However, essential maintenance is defined as ‘only work, which if not undertaken would cause failure or become an imminent safety issue’. In addition boat owners are advised by the RYA, that they should not stay longer than the length of time required to check the boat and undertake the essential maintenance.

Rather than setting out an exhaustive list of every reasonable problem, the RYA added that ‘it must be left to individuals to make a judgement as to whether a purpose is essential or not’ and further stressed that ‘this is for essential maintenance only and not for cosmetic improvements or general spring preparatory work,’ which can be undertaken from 26th April onwards.

If you have any concerns about your vessel with us please do not hesitate to contact the workshop to get us to complete safety checks on board for you, including checking bilges, batteries, seacocks or anodes etc. The workshop team can be contacted by phoning Bob or James on 01852 500247 or by emailing 

We very much look forward to being able to welcome you all back to Ardfern as normality gradually resumes and you can once again enjoy all the late spring and summer sailing season has to offer in Argyll.  

Andrew and Joanna Ashton and all the team at Ardfern.

Monday, 1 March 2021


Early Morning Mist
Early morning mist surrounds a Discovery 55 on the slip this morning at Ardfern


WITH spring now notably and thankfully in the air this week at Ardfern we are pleased to report that the spring work on boats is now well underway.

In the boatyard the workshop team are busy antifouling, polishing and completing engine recommissioning jobs, along with launching vessels and continuing with our winter work schedule in the shed.

As a non-essential retail business the chandlery remains closed for the time being in line with Scottish Government regulations. However, for local Argyll-based customers we continue to offer a click and collect service for essential items from 8.30am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. 

Unfortunately, the facilities block must also remain closed to customers, while ‘shared facilities’ are not permitted under the current Covid-19 guidelines at this time.

While we are all desperate to get back out onto the water in our boats as soon as possible we kindly ask all of our customers to continue to be patient by continuing to adhere to the current Scottish lockdown restrictions, in order to help with minimising the spread of the virus and to help keep our staff, yourselves and our local community as safe as possible. The latest guidance regarding ‘boating during lockdown’ from RYA Scotland is available at RYA SCOTLAND while the Scottish Government Covid-19 guidelines can be found at GOV.SCOT-COVID-19

If you are concerned that you have not been to your vessel for some time, please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you would like checking on board such as bilges, batteries, etc and we will be happy to assist you. We can also forward internal or external photographs or videos of your boat if requested.

We sincerely hope that with the UK-wide vaccination programme and the NHS doing such amazing work, that it will not be too much longer before we see restrictions gradually being eased in Scotland and we can all once again return to boating.

For the moment we eagerly await the next announcement by the Scottish Government regarding further details on the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ that is due in mid-March, and we will be updating you all once dates for lifting lockdown restrictions in Scotland are confirmed, and, when we can hopefully once again welcome you all back to Ardfern to enjoy your boats and the forthcoming sailing season.

Andrew and Joanna Ashton and all the team at Ardfern.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Lockdown Opening Times

 Lockdown Opening Times

During the current lockdown, to comply with the latest Government regulations, only pre-booked and pre-paid collections of gas and other essential items will be available. Time slots will be allocated for collections between 8:30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Collection slots will not be available at the weekend.

The workshop will continue to operate Monday to Friday, and we will continue to make the usual checks of boats ashore and afloat throughout the week and over the weekends.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything that you require checking on your vessel.

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Christmas 2020 & New Year 2021 Opening Times

Festive Opening Times

Over the festive period the chandlery will be open for collections between 1200 and 1300 from Monday 28th December to Thursday 31st, and again from Monday 4th January 2021 to 6th January.   If you would like to order items for collection please ring the office on 01852 500247 and leave a message if we are unavailable or email 

We are making regular checks of boats ashore and afloat, and will monitor emails and telephone messages throughout the day, while we will respond to any order requests as soon as possible.

Once the workshop reopens on Thursday 7th January chandlery collections can be arranged for any time during weekday working hours.

Ardfern Yacht Centre
Festive opening times


Saturday, 27 June 2020


27th June 2020

CUSTOMERS from further afield will now be able to visit and stay overnight on their boats once again following this week’s surprise announcement by the Scottish Government that travel restrictions for leisure purposes in Scotland are being eased from Friday 3rd July. 

The use of second homes and self-catering accommodation without shared facilities will also be permitted in Scotland from 3rd July, which indicates boat owners will now be able to stay overnight on their vessels at last.

At Ardfern we welcomed the statement from RYA Scotland regarding the sudden easing of ‘the stay local’ restrictions on travel in Scotland:-

RYA Scotland, chief executive officer, James Allan said this was ‘really good news for the boating community’.

“We have patiently waited for the moment we will be able to travel to our clubs, marinas, moorings or lochs and now we can see this is just around the corner. I don’t think anyone was expecting this but sometimes the surprises are nice ones,” said Mr Allan. 
“For all of us this is a huge relief. There are many boat owners concerned about missing essential annual maintenance who can now look forward to going to their boats on 3rd July to start this process. For others it is the opportunity to get back to their favourite boating locations and get on the water again.
“Our advice remains the same, to be considerate of others and conservative in the risks we take in going afloat. Covid-19 has not gone away and we do need to remain mindful of the impact of our presence in remote coastal and island communities when the opportunity to cruise more widely becomes available,” he added.

Cleaning procedures across the site at Ardfern have been increased and we remind all customers to adhere to the current Government recommended social distancing guidelines and our AYC Covid-19 Customer Protocol at all times.

We very much look forward to welcoming all our customers back to the Yacht Centre from the end of next week and wish you all an enjoyable time afloat for the remainder of the season.

Andrew and Joanna Ashton and all the team at Ardfern.

Scottish Marinas
Ardfern Yacht Centre ready for easing of lockdown

Saturday, 20 June 2020


20th June 2020

AS current coronavirus lockdown restrictions now move into ‘phase 2’ of the route-map out of the crisis in Scotland we are pleased to announce that the chandlery will fully re-open on Monday 29th June.

Until then we will continue with the ‘call and collect’ system we already have in place, so if there are any boating hardware items you need please don’t hesitate to give us a ring on 01852 500247.

In preparation for fully opening the chandlery we have installed protective screens around the counters for the safety of our staff and customers, while hand sanitiser is also available at the door. In addition there are 2-metre floor markings now in place together with a one-way system to follow around the shop.

The current Scottish Government advice announced this week under phase 2 is to still ‘stay in your local area’ in regards to leisure and recreation, while the move into this phase sadly does also not permit overnight stays on boats yet.

We are, however, hopeful that following Scottish tourism minister, Fergus Ewing’s announcement last week that stated that the ‘tourism and leisure sector in Scotland should prepare to open by Wednesday 15th July’, will allow customers from further afield to be reunited once again with their boats and be able to stay onboard overnight at last in mid July, so long as the number of coronavirus cases in Scotland continues to decline.

In the boat yard, cleaning, polishing, antifouling and launching is progressing well during what has been a mostly settled spell of weather for the yard team to press on with getting jobs completed and we are pleased to report that we are now a good way through our launch schedule, with thanks going very much to all the staff involved.

For now we thank all of our customers that are further afield for their continued patience with what is a frustrating situation for us all, as we look forward to resuming boating properly again in Scotland in mid July. 

Andrew and Joanna Ashton and all the team at Ardfern.

West coast boating
Chandlery ready to open with social distancing measures in place