Monday, 30 June 2014

The race is on....

The story so far....

A few weeks ago, Guy was allowed out from behind his desk in the chandlery to go and helm a Sonata One Design on one of the race days during the 2014 Scottish Series at Tarbert. He completed four races on the Friday of the race meeting. First race - he placed seventh. Second race - he placed seventh. Third race - he placed third. And in the fourth race he placed first. So, in less than a day he took a boat he hadn't sailed before, with a crew he hadn't met before, and beat everyone else in the race.

This weekend, Mark has managed to escape from his desk now too, and is on board a Westerly Storm 33 taking part in this year's Round Mull Race. He knows the boat having sailed it before, he knows the crew having gone drinking with most of them before, but he doesn't get out on the water as often as Guy does and so might be a bit rusty. So, the question is, will he do as well as Guy did when he went racing, or will there be any number of excuses presented to his staff on his return to work on Tuesday without any sort of trophy whatsoever????

Given that Guy is sitting beside me as I type this, we are anticipating the latter scenario and so have decided to see if we can't make things slightly easier for Mark by drawing up a list of excuses for his epic failure for him to choose from.....

1.  As general manager of Ardfern Yacht Centre, and being aware of the need to keep staff morale high, I chose not to win any races to let Guy feel better about himself.

2.  We were so hungover after the Friday night that we were lucky to be able to find Mull never mind manage to sail all the way around it.

3. As Ardfern Yacht Centre are co-sponsoring the Round Mull Race, it wouldn't look right if I won - a bit like hosting a raffle and winning the main prize - it's not the done thing!. 

Any other suggestions as to what Mark's excuse might be? Or are we doing him a huge disservice and we should be building a trophy cabinet for his office before Tuesday? !!

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