Friday, 23 June 2017

A Hot Day In Hamble For Mark

Mark made a flying visit to a very hot and humid Hamble earlier this week to attend the ABYA Senior Brokers Training Day at The Royal Southern Yacht Club.

Blue skies from the Royal Southern Yacht Club sun deck

ABYA brokers travelled from all over Europe to attend the annual training day which provides a valuable oppurtunity for members to network and update their knowledge with the latest changes in technology, law and best practice. After welcoming delegates ABYA Chairman John Rodriguez and YBDSA CEO Jane Gentry introduced a range of speakers covering a broad range of topics.

Martin Pittilo (YDSA Chairman) - Maple Marine

Tips For Brokers In Identifying Condition Issues
A run through on how ABYA Brokers can assist clients by spotting common condition issues at the start of the sales process, avoiding unwelcome surprises at the time of survey.

Robin Clifford - CLA Consulting

Cyber Securtiy
Specialising in cyber security for high net worth individuals and super yachts delegates were given a scary insight into just how vulnerable individuals are to the ever increasing threat of cyber crime. From security compromised mobile phones and coffee machines....... to military grade encrypted email solutions.

Russel Kelly & Lucy Goff - LA Marine

Consumer Legislation
An update on the recent changes to Consumer Legislation which affects all retail businesses with the new rights to returns goods and cancel contracts at the forefront of discussions.

Jane Gentry - YBDSA

Bills of Sale
Excercise lead discussion to refresh delegates knowledge of how to process Bills of Sale in difficult and challenging circumstances with all delegates demonstrating the depth of knowledge clients can expect from an ABYA Broker.

ABYA Broker Training Day
Boats everywhere on the river Hamble

Full Members of ABYA have to comply with the associations continual professional development program, attending events like this on a regular basis to keep their knowledge up to date, offering clients a professional service.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these malformations. It was a busy day for mark, but I think he enjoyed that day. I love travelling through Boats in seattle.