Friday, 20 July 2018

Crinan Canal - Restricted Lock in Times

Restrictions of sea locks operation to high tide 

Due to the continuing dry weather and its impact on reservoir levels Scottish Canals are now further restricting the operation of the sea locks to within one hour either side of high tide. In addition passage of the Crinan Canal is now only offered to vessels with a draught of 1.8m and below.


Scottish Canals have said that the restriction will be in place for the next seven days and will help to preserve the depleting water levels, delaying closure of the canal at this time.
'This is a final measure following earlier restrictions which were put in place due to the continued dry weather.'
Scottish Canals are continuing to monitor the long term forecast and the effects of these restrictions on the water levels. Plans are being put in place should water levels deplete beyond acceptable levels and an update will be provided next week.

The policy of a minimum of two boats per lock in continues to be implemented for water conservation; this may cause delays of up to and over one hour.   Scottish Canals would appreciate your understanding and patience as they seek to take all steps possible to keep boats moving on the canal.


Further information is available at Scottish Canals which is  updated regularly.

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