Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Cable laying in Sound of Jura

Jura Power Cable

A Notice to Mariners has been issued with regards to a cable laying operation in the northern part of the Sound Of Jura.

The operations to replace the power cable from Carsaig on the mainland and Lealt Bay on Jura will take place during an appropriate weather window following the 17th January, and are expected to take seven days.

Carsaig to Lealt
Route of the Jura Power Cable, showing extent of working area.

Work Description

Cable installation will be completed by M/V Elektron, assisted by the dive support vessel Forth Warrior and support craft Celtic Trader, Celtic Voyager, Celtic Nomad and Celtic Guardian.   Cable Laying operations will be conducted on a 24 hour basis.

Other vessels should maintain an appropriate safe distance of 500m when passing the vessels whilst operational, and should pass at the lowest possible speed to avoid vessel wash effects.   Vessels will be working throughout 24 hours and will display appropriate day shapes and lights during reduced visibility and night operations.

Cable Layer
Cable laying vessel M/V Elektron

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