Saturday, 14 August 2021



Ardfern Yacht Centre
A busy summer's evening on the pontoons

It has certainly been a busy time for all at Ardfern and it has been great to see so many customers able to fully utilise and enjoy their boats over the last few months of mostly nice summer weather here in Argyll.

As we now head towards the autumn we would like to remind those customers who would like to stay with us for the winter months and have yet to confirm their winter booking, to please do so as soon as possible as spaces are filling up ashore and in the water on both berths and moorings. If you haven’t already done so please contact Fraser with your winter requirements at or visit our website to fill in a winter booking form at

This autumn will also see a change to the workshop management with Bob Fleck taking a well-deserved retirement from the end of December after 12 years with the company. Bob will continue full time in his role as workshop manager until the end of September, when we are very pleased to announce that James Hoad will step up from his assistant workshop manager position to become workshop manager from 1st October.

In order to ensure as smooth a transition as possible, Bob will be staying with the company on a three-day week basis from October until the end of December to assist James in his new role this winter. Bob will also continue to oversee any existing workshop jobs he is dealing with, while James will oversee all new jobs as required by customers from this autumn.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob very much for all his hard work and assistance at Ardfern over the last 12 years, and we wish him well as he returns to his own marine surveying business, ‘Melfort Marine Surveys’. Meanwhile, we very much welcome and look forward to working with James in his new role at Ardfern.

At the same time we will now be looking to recruit a new assistant workshop manager to assist James going forward.

As we return to more normality with the Scottish Government ending ‘level zero’ covid-19 requirements on 9th August, which removes almost all of the remaining anti-Covid measures, we will be pleased to welcome customers back up to the workshop office. However, to avoid any congestion in the workshop office we ask customers to continue to enquire about workshop jobs in the chandlery building in the first instance, just to establish if James or Bob are not already busy with another customer.

With face coverings still a legal requirement in indoor public places in Scotland, including shops, we remind customers to continue to wear masks when entering the workshop office, chandlery building and facilities block.

We wish you all a good end to the 2021 boating season and hope you have a few more enjoyable weeks out on the water before autumn arrives.

Andrew and Joanna Ashton and all the team at Ardfern.

West Coast Boat Yard
James Hoad will replace Bob Fleck as Workshop Manager


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